How can I be referred? 

-The practice accepts self referrals. 
-Psychiatrist/GP- referrals, sometimes your insurance provider requires this in order to use your policy for treatment. 

What can I expect from an assessment? 

-Before a treatment plan is set up, an initial assessment is required this is usually 90 mins. This includes finding out in detail what has brought you to therapy.
-Following which a treatment plan is suggested and mutually agreed. 

Can I use my health insurance? 

- Please check with your insurance provider to see if psychological therapy is covered and the number of sessions. 
- Please let us know when booking an appointment. 

How often do I attend? 

-The standard practice is regular weekly sessions this helps you make steady progress. 
-The number of sessions you require will be dependent on your unique needs. This will be discussed at the outset and mutually agreed. 

Can I change my therapy slot? 

- Consistent and regular attendance is important in order to see the benefit of therapy. 
- Usually a therapy slot is allocated at a mutually convenient time at a regular day and a regular time slot.
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