Therapy and Treatment

Assessment and treatment is tailored to patients’ needs, evidence based treatments are implemented to bring about effective change. 

Dr Shomsi Khanom is a highly skilled practitioner whilst she incorporates a range of therapeutic models in her practice she has substantial experience in the following models: 

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) - CBT is different to other therapies as it is focussed on the here and now. The work is collaborative and you will learn to develop healthier skills and strategies to deal with problems. 

 •Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) - CAT integrates cognitive and psychoanalytic principles. It is an active therapy that examines the past in some detail before helping you to find ‘exits’ or alternative ways of coping. 

There are times when an integrative approach may prove beneficial to patients and Dr Khanom May draw on other therapeutic approaches e.g psychodynamic, systemic or supportive psychotherapy.
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