Why do people seek therapy?

Life has many challenges, sometimes difficulties can be triggered by issues at work, a relationship ending or problems with family members. 

Any of these situations can easily set off a spiral of negative thinking patterns and behaviours that can leave you feeling ‘stuck’ and this is when talking to a professional can help. 

Our aim is to provide a safe, secure and confidential service developing a trusting relationship is at the heart of SK London Therapies which we believe cultivates the main vehicle for effective change.

Every journey begins with a single step.

It can be difficult to make the first step and you are not alone in this. In fact many people seen here have expressed these feelings. We all have struggled at some point in our lives perhaps with the competing demands placed on us or unexpected events that life brings.
The first step is recognising that you are finding an aspect/aspects of your life hard and seeking help is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make. I support people with a wide range of emotional issues. This can range from a vague feeling of unhappiness through to a formal mental health diagnosis. 

Therapy can be a helpful space for individuals and can treat many kinds of problems. Therapy offers a safe and confidential place in which to talk about issues in your life that maybe stressful causing you unhappiness or a situation that is making you feel uneasy or anxious. This can range from a sense of discontentment with life in general or you wish to seek balance in your life. There may be a particular issue you are struggling to come to terms with like the loss.

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